How does Book Report work?

Book Report is a bookmarklet. It is like a bookmark, but instead of bringing you to a different page when you click it, it runs some code. In this case, the code grabs your sales data from Amazon's servers and displays it for you.

Is my data safe?

Yes. Keeping your data secret is a top priority - we know how valuable it is. No sales data is sent to our servers, or anywhere else. It stays between you and Amazon.

Check out our Privacy Policy.

I have a sale on a book, but no royalties. What's up with that?

Two things could be going on:

  1. You've made a sale, and the royalties are lagging behind the sales count. Amazon doesn't post sales and add royalties at the same time, so there's nothing for us to do about this.
  2. You've had a sale and a return. So the sale added some royalties, the return subtracted some, and the total is zero. Returns are also why you can sometimes see negative royalties.

So how exactly do the subscription plans work?

Once your free trial is up, assuming you're earning more than $1000/month you'll be presented with a form asking for your credit card details. All payments are processed by Stripe so you do not need to worry about security.

To calculate which tier you will be charged, we look at the last full month of earnings. So if we're charging you in April, we charge based on your total for March. If the borrow rate isn't yet known for the month, we assume it will remain the same.

How do I cancel my plan?

Shoot an email to and we'll cancel your plan. If we've charged you since receiving the email, we'll refund that charge. If you aren't enjoying our service, we don't want to take your money.

How do I change my currency?

You'll find the currency option, as well as a few others, in the "Settings" tab.

Do you take feature requests?

Absolutely! Just send us an email, as vague or as specific as you'd like, and we'll get back to you about it. We can't promise to implement every idea, but we'll do our best. And we will get back to you, whether we're going to implement it or not.

Again, our email address is

I'm still worried about security. Can you give more details?

Gladly. Here is a complete list of the data that gets sent and stored by our app:

  • We send requests for data from your computer to Amazon.
  • We store that data on your computer.
  • We send your ASINs to our servers. They are not saved or stored by us.
  • We send you back information about the authors, page counts, publication dates, all so that you can learn more from your data.
  • We send a unique ID, a token from Stripe, and your subscription tier to our servers so that we can charge you the right amount.
  • We ping Google Analytics with the report you're looking at, and some info about your browser. We do not keep IP addresses.
  • If you give us your email address, we send it to Mailchimp.

If you're still worried, please check out our Privacy Policy. And after that, feel free to email us about any worries you've got.

How long does it take for all the reports to generate?

This can depend on a few things. Your internet speed, how quickly KDP is responding, and your computer. It shouldn't take more than an hour to get all your reports ready, and your first report should be ready within seconds or minutes.

Something weird/broken is happening. What should I do?

Three steps to hopefully solve any of your problems, once you've got it running:

  1. Refresh the page, click the bookmarklet again.
  2. Wait for the spinner to go away. If something is weird, and the spinner is going in the top left, it might just be trying to solve the problem for you.
  3. Email us at and tell us what's going on.

All software has bugs, so we can't promise everything will work perfectly all the time. But if you follow those steps, things will probably work out in the end.

Why don't you accept PayPal?

We considered PayPal as an option, as many authors like it, but in the end we couldn't use it. Three reasons:

  1. Privacy. When you pay with PayPal, the vendor can see your name and your address. We know that a lot of authors aren't comfortable with divulging this information.
  2. Lock-in. If you start using PayPal, they don't let you leave. It'd be like if KDP Select was a permanent exclusivity deal.
  3. Track record. Again and again and again, people report PayPal freezing their funds and only releasing them after a public out-cry. That's not the kind of business Book Report wants to work with.

So we're sticking with Stripe. If you're nervous about paying with Stripe, please head over to their gallery page. Kickstarter, Twitter, Reddit - all their payments are powered by Stripe. They're PCI Service Provider Level 1, which means they adhere to the most stringent security measures possible.

Who are you?

My name is Liam. I used to be a professional web developer, but now I run a publishing business through KDP. I originally built this tool for myself, but the few authors I shared it with convinced me to turn it into a product.

What should I do if you didn't answer my question?

Email us:

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